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Hair Care

Why Natural Hair Colour is the Way Forward

Our hair colours, cuts and styles are often perceived as expressions of our personality and we are usually quite willing to invest time and money into achieving the ‘perfect’ look. With the home hair colour market booming and so much choice available, it can be difficult to differentiate between brands. What’s more, many of us aren’t even aware of what ingredients are in our hair colour or the effects they can have.

Take ammonia for example–that strong smelling, toxic chemical that gets right inside your nostrils and makes your eyes water. And beyond that unpleasantness, it has been closely linked to respiratory illness. We all recognize it! Not nice! So why is it in hair colour in the first place?

Well, in short, ammonia is traditionally used to raise the pH of the hair sufficiently enough to open the cuticles and allow the colour to penetrate into the hair’s cortex to the deposit colour molecules. BUT this could be at the cost of your health and is most definitely at the cost of the integrity of your hair! Ammonia raises the hair’s pH to such a significant level that it ultimately degrades the natural protein and moisture levels causing dry, weak and brittle hair, making it more vulnerable to ongoing damage and poor colour longevity. While many colour brands are taking positive steps in removing ammonia from their hair colours, the ingredient they choose to replace it with (although not as toxic as ammonia) is often replaced in like for like quantities with arguably, equally hair damaging effects.

Ammonia aside, there are still high volumes of other chemical ingredients in traditional hair colours which can cause detriment to our hair and bodies. Ingredients such as PPD’s (Phenylenediamine) & PTD’s (para-Toluenediamine) are commonly known to irritate the skin and in some cases cause severe allergic reaction. Sadly for a permanent hair colour to work PPD and/or PTD pigments are a mandatory requirement, however, the possible side effects such as redness, itching, blistering or worse are all signs of a reaction to these pigments and cannot go unnoticed. They are unavoidable in permanent hair colour and the cross we must bear if we want to colour our hair in this way.

‘Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off’

The thing is there are brands which use lots and lots of chemicals and pigments in alarming measures, and then there are brands that don’t. We all have a choice to make a healthier option, but that’s our challenge. Who has that healthy option? Step forward Tints of Nature…

Made and manufactured in Great Britain, Tints of Nature have recognized the need for effective, gentler home hair colours that provide outstanding results without causing detriment to your hair, your health or the environment. They have prioritized the condition of the hair with the health of the user by using as many organic and naturally derived ingredients as possible, only using synthetic ingredients when there is no natural suitable alternative. All this to provide us with a unique, salon professional, permanent hair colour formula, for us to use in the comfort of our own homes.

Free from ammonia (and not replaced with like for like quantities of that other ingredient I mentioned) Tints of Nature has a natural alkaline base which works to gently open the cuticles of the hair without damage. Win! What’s more, they use the lowest possible levels of PPD pigment to allow the colour to work effectively. On average 0.42% when mixed (trust me, that’s low). With over two decades of research behind them, each and every natural and organic ingredient used performs a specific job in protecting, moisturizing and nourishing our locks whilst creating gorgeous healthy colour, so that our hair after colouring is better than ever before! Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Another benefit to using a natural brand like Tints of Nature is the moral and ethical position of the brand. Animals, people, planet! They say absolutely NO to animal testing and are internationally recognized and endorsed by animal rights organization PETA and Choose Cruelty-Free. They also never sell their products to countries who insist on animal testing. They source their ingredients from ethical, responsible suppliers and they operate LEAN manufacturing practices to conserve energy and reduce waste. Furthermore, their products (including their hair colours) are biodegradable and all of their packagings is made from recycled material or fully recyclable.









For those vegans and vegetarians amongst us, Tints of Nature hair colours are vegan and vegetarian-friendly and they are also gluten free. Win win win!

Now, there are several good reasons why natural hair colour is the way forward!


Please Keep In Mind

This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. We cannot provide medical advice or specific advice on products related to treatments of a disease or illness. You must consult with your professional health care provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, and before taking, varying the dosage of or ceasing to take any medication.

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