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Beautyblender Pro Tips and Tricks

Written by Andrea Miandro,’s Buyer for Beauty

With the endless amount of innovation in the beauty industry, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the newest trends will live up to the hype and 5-star reviews. However, the Allure Beauty Award winning makeup sponge, the beautyblender, exceeds all expectations. Beautyblender creator Rea Anne Silva developed the sponge while working in the makeup department for one of the first HD TV shows and quickly realized the need for a makeup applicator that created a flawless, crease-free complexion. The egg-shape and sponge texture were both strategic elements in the design of the sponge that would allow users to easily achieve an airbrushed effect. Since the success of the original blender, beautyblender has expanded the line to include different sizes and colours, blender cleansers, blotting sponges and much more.

As a Beauty Buyer, I’ve been lucky enough to try more products than I can keep count of but out of all the products in my beauty routine, the beautyblender sticks out as one of my top staples and here’s why:

  • It’s User Friendly: Although I have access to lots of beauty products, that doesn’t mean I always know how to use them! The beautyblender however, is very user-friendly and makes it virtually impossible to mess up makeup application. Simply follow the below steps:
    • Step 1. Fully saturate the sponge in water
    • Step 2. Squeeze out any excess water but don’t be afraid to use the sponge while damp
    • Step 3. Dip the sponge in product and begin to dab onto your face – Do not rub product with the sponge as you will not get the same airbrush effect as you will from dabbing/bouncing the sponge on your skin
    • Step 4. Utilize different parts of the sponge i.e. the tip of the sponge is great for getting into smaller spaces such as around the nose or for applying concealer to more targeted areas
  • Your Products Last Longer: Since you saturate the beautyblender with water before using it, the sponge is not soaking up all of your product. I have actually noticed a difference in how long my makeup lasts since adding the beautyblender to my routine
  • You Can Achieve Any Look: I love the beautyblender because it works with whatever makeup look I want to achieve that day. Whether I just want a sheer layer of foundation to even out my complexion or want high coverage for a formal event, the beautyblender allows me to get the
    look I’m going for.
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Now that you know a bit more about this infamous makeup sponge, click the videos below to learn how you can get creative with your beautyblender plus get the inside scoop on beautyblender Pro tips and tricks.

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What’s your favourite beautyblender technique? Comment below!

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